Víctor Andrade – Coordinator

Architect and Urbanist (PROURB-UFRJ) with a post-doctorate in Sustainable Urbanism from School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He was associate professor at the Aalborg University and is currently Professor at FAU-UFRJ and PROURB-UFRJ. Specialist in active transportation, urban design and landscape architecture. He was specialist in urban environmental quality at Ministry of Environment (Rio-Cidade and Favela-Bairro).
Victor developed projects and researches in Brazil and abroad – working for Universities, architecture offices, consultancy firms and governmental agencies – such as the largest research project on Active Transportation in Scandinavia, Bikeability. | Currículo Lattes

JucianoJuciano Martins Rodrigues – Associate Researcher

Economist, M.Sc. in Population Studies, MA in Social Research (ENCE/IBGE) and PhD in Urban Planning (PROURB/UFRJ). Researcher at “Observatório das Metrópoles”. He held postdoctoral insternship in Urban and Regional Planning at IPPUR,UFRJ between 2013 and 2016. | Currículo Lattes

FilipeFilipe Marino – Researcher; PhD Student

Architect and Urbanist (UNICAMP/2004), specialist in Urban Planning and Politics (IPPUR-UFRJ/2007) and M.S. in Regional and Urban Planning (IPPUR-UFRJ/2013). He is now a substitute professor at UFRJ and PhD student at PROURB-UFRJ. | Currículo Lattes

Laurine Sézerat – Researcher – PhD StudentLaurine-quadrado

Urbanist (French Institute of Urbanism in Paris/2012), specialist in Urban Politics. She worked in the urban Project Part-Dieu in Lyon, France, in association with I’AUC. Master in Urbanism (UFRJ/2015) and currently a PhD Student at IPPUR-UFRJ/2016. | Currículo Lattes

Roberta Pedrosa – Researcher – Masters StudentRoberta

Architect and Urbanist (UFRJ/2012), with academic exchange at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture ENSA of Belleville, France. Master student in Urbanism (PROURB-UFRJ). Specialist in active transportation and cycling infrastructure. | Currículo Lattes


Regina Silva
Researcher – Masters Student 

Landscaper (UFRJ/2009). Master student in Landscape Architecture (PROURB-UFRJ). Specialist in landscape planning, active transportation and environmental management. |Currículo Lattes


Úrsula Hernández Vélez – Researcher – Masters Student

Architect (National University of Colombia, Medellín/2010). Master student in Landscape Architecture (PROURB-UFRJ). Specialist in landscape planning, urban design and active transportation. | Currículo Lattes


Letícia Quintanilha – Researcher – Masters Student

Architect and Urbanist (UFRJ/2014), with academic exchange in ETSAB-UPC, Barcelona. Master student in Urbanism (PROURB-UFRJ). Specialist in Mobility Politics and active transportation. | Currículo Lattes


Marcela Kanitz – Researcher – Specialist

Architect and Urbanist (UFRJ/2015), with academic exchange in IHS – International Institute of Urban Management – Rotterdam, regarding Urban Management and Development: Sustainable Urbanism. Specialist in active transportation and urban design. | Currículo Lattes


Carolina Sampaio – Researcher/ Graduate Student

Graduate student in Architetcure and Urbanism at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), with academic exchange at University of Strathclyde, UK. | Currículo Lattes